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Donetsk regional NGO “Institute for Social Studies and Political Analysis”

The Institute was founded in 1999 and registered as regional NGO on December 17th,2002.

The aim of Institute activities is to benefit to establishment of democratic values andopen society, distribution and popularization of achievements of national and worldscience in the sphere of social studies, studying the processes of modern regional andcountry development, overall support of education, science, culture and effective policy growth, their transparency for the benefit of society. Institute acts according tocurrent legislature as a regional center supporting non profit organizations as well asother institutions and establishments, promoting the development of regionaleducational and informative popular centers, organizations, associations.

The organization specializes on research, expert, informational and education activities in the region. Organization has considerable experience in implementing research, monitoring projects with national and foreign partners. The institute provides informational and consulting services, PR. Institute staff includes professionals on election technologies, electoral behavior, fighting fraud during election campaigns.

Institute has a network of trained interviewers for social researches, moderatorsfor holding focus group interviews and trainers.

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е.: info.novisa.ewb@gmail.com
www. novisa.org.ua
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